Using MongoDB on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I hooked up my Raspberri Pi 3 as a small testing server for my MEAN stack (mainly Node.js and MongoDB in my case). That works great and I was surprised how fast this setup is on a relatively small pc.

But while utilising the more advanced features of MongoDB I found out they didn’t work as expected. The problem is, Raspbian Jessy has a 32bit kernel and MongoDB with versions higher than 3.0 only support 64bit. Hence, on Raspbian a 2.x version (32bit) is provided which of course lacks the newer features. So if you want to use the full potential of MongoDB, you’ll have to find another OS with 64bit support. I suggest an older laptop or desktop running Linux Mint! There is a tutorial for installing the right MongoDB version on Debian here.

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  1. As per this MongoDB JIRA issue it seams, that there is an early 64bit MongoDB release available for ARMv8 now. Does anybody tried it already on the Raspberry Pi? To me it sounds like it should now be possible to run MongoDB 3.3.11+ on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Ubuntu 16.04 arm64 installed. Can anybody confirm this, because I doesn’t have a R-Pi 3. Also WiredTiger should be explicitly supported.

  2. Hi Oliver, that’s interesting news. I’ll give it a go when I got time. Not so much a fan of Ubuntu anymore, but as there is no 64bit Raspbian I guess there is not much choice.

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