2 new Whitebooks: Advanced Service Scheduling in SOA Suite 12c with ESS and Integration of SOA with Oracle Event Processing in 12c

In case you missed it, last month two new articles were published on the Whitehorses website.
The first is by Laurens van der Starre about how the SOA architecture in Oracle SOA Suite 12c can be combined with an Event-Driven Architecture. In the fast-flowing world of Big Data and the Internet of Things, Oracle Event Processing can be used to analyze large data streams in realtime. How to achieve this is explained by Laurens here.

The second article is written by Michel van Zoest, explaining how you can leverage all the new features of the Oracle Enterprise Scheduling Services (ESS) and schedule jobs from the Enterprise Manager, being it Web Services, command line scripts or Enterprise Java Beans. Read all about it here!

Both articles are in Dutch (sorry for the rest of the world!), but you might hand them over to Google Translate to make them readable in your language of choice. They also contain interesting references to several English sites. Check out these and many more Whitebooks on http://www.whitehorses.nl/whitebooks.

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