The latest Whitebooks: Oracle B2B 12c – new features and Managed File Transfer (MFT)

The latest Whitebooks are published on the Whitehorses Blog.

The first is by Dirk Janssen and he demonstrates all the handy features of Managed File Transfer (MFT). He mentions some pitfalls in using MFT, so it’s definitely worth reading.

The second is by me! This time it’s an article about the new features of Oracle B2B 12c. It’s more than just a messaging portal, with all the security features and support for many types of protocols. And in 12c new features like large message formats, better integration in SOA Suite 12c and Default Channels are worth investigating.

Both articles are in Dutch (sorry for the rest of the world!), but you might hand them over to Google Translate to make them readable in your language of choice. They also contain interesting references to several English sites. Check out these and many more Whitebooks on

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